Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekends and Evenings

It's difficult to maintain focus and not get frustrated when you are a weekend and evening sewist. And lately, my other pursuits, which I love and could not give up - yoga, cooking, running (oh my god! did I just say I loved running? I really must be losing my marbles!) - are cutting into my evening time.

But after last week's visit to New York Elegant Fabrics, a garment district store I hadn't been to before, I think my mojo has started to return. There were so many beautiful and fun fabrics. I also scored some patterns on the cheap from Here they are:

How ridiculously cute is that duck stuffy?!?!

And this is for me. I have made so many other people bags/totes.
Time to make one for myself!

Anyway, I have a mini embellishment project that I am working on in the evenings (I'll post about it soon), and I plan to get lots of sewing done this upcoming weekend, since I have Friday and Monday off. Stay tuned!


30 before 30 said...

Cute stuff! You really make me wish I could sew!!!

Clio said...

Thanks! My only problem is finding enough time to actually make things - my stash of patterns and fabrics is growing faster than I can keep up with projects.