Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peppy and Cheap: Mini Embellishment Project

Most people have one or more specific items which bring out the penny-pincher in them; one thing that they just can't justify spending their hard-earned dollars on. I am incredibly cheap when it comes to tee shirts. Why? no clue. But it bugs me to no end when retailers take a plain tee, stitch a tiny amount of ruffle/ribbon/trim to it or add a few gathers and then jack up the price to $36.

Anyway, my inner Scrooge cackled all the way to the register the other day, as I scored some cute, but plain scoop-neck tees for $5 each at Old Navy. They had a pretty feminine shape that I thought had potential. So, once I got them home, I took the black one:

And $6-worth of trim from Pacific Trimmings:

And made my own flower trimmed tee.

I think I may add a few more flowers to it - it's looking a bit too conservative for me. But I am totally psyched at this $11 effort, all done while sitting in front of the TV.

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