Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mini Menagerie

Spoiler Alert: This post contains info on and photos of baby gifts that I am making. So, if you are currently pregnant, either stop reading now or start practicing your surprized face. (Up to you which route to go.)

My sister, sister-in-law, and very excellent friend, Mar Mar, are all pregnant and due in the Fall. I am thrilled! Not only am I looking forward to having three more little ones in my life (I love being an aunt!), but the crafting possibilities are virtually endless!

One of the many reasons I decided to learn to embroider is that there are loads of cute things you can make for babies. So, a few weeks ago, I ordered some embroidery designs from Urban Threads and a package of onesies to test the patterns on.

I used iron on, tear-away stabilizer so that the onesies won't stretch while I embroider. Also, I learned my lesson and this time used transfer paper (like carbon paper) rather than an iron transfer. It is water soluble, so should not leave any kind of marks behind. Oh, and the designs are reusable.

I am still getting the hang of embroidering, and doing it on stretchy fabric definitely adds a challenge, even with the stabilizer. Here is my mini menagerie in progress...

Mr Giraffe, my first test.

Mr Elephant, where I think I am hitting my stride

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