Thursday, June 18, 2009

More menagerie

Warning: Please see the spoiler alert at the beginning of this post if you are pregnant.

I've continued to work at my embroidery and finished the rest of my menagerie. Since these practice ones went reasonably well, I ordered a few more patterns from Urban Threads and now just need to stock up on onesies, bibs and other embroider-able baby accessories.

Mr Oliphant is complete

And here is a friendly hippo with birdie pal

Now that these are complete, I may send them thru the wash again to see how they hold up under real conditions. Children's clothing takes a beating, so I want to make sure these are not too delicate to actually use. Plus, I want to make sure that the thread is color-fast, and the stabilizer and tracing carbon actually is water soluable.

I need to learn more about embroidery. I've got a growing sewing library and tons of cookbooks, but not a single resource for embroidery. It seems like such a quaint little hobby; to sit with my hoop stitching away, no?

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