Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lazy Sunday Blog Hop Post

Recently, I had lunch with the lovely Pia of The Overflowing Stash  when she was in NY and asked if I'd do the blog hop.  Pia is one of those sewists who fits things impeccably, has great style and is a fun person on top of it. We've met up both in NY and London, which is one of the great things about getting to know people in the sewing blogosphere, don't you think?

Anyway, I've been procrastinating ever since. So, here goes.

1. Why do I write? 
I was going to say something like: I never meant to have a sewing blog, but it's a really good idea to have a place to keep track of projects, the tutorials and techniques I use, and share them, along with occasional baking, cooking and knitting projects. I actually do use my blog as my own personal reference tool.

But then I realized that "why do I write" is sort of the wrong question for me.  I don't think of myself as a writer - blogging is a bit of a different medium.

So, really, the answer is that I was feeling somewhat isolated when we moved to the suburbs and the blog became a way to reach out to others through my hobbies. It also gives me an outlet for my sense of humor (Exhibit A below) and to just be silly and laugh at myself when things go awry. Most things in life are "use it or lose it" including imagination and creativity. I try to let mine roam free here.

One of my favorite posts to write ever
The thing that I didn't expects when I started blogging was how many friends - both in real life and in the blogosphere - I'd make. Blogging really has been a portal into a wonderful community of sewy and crafty people of all different stripes.  We are a quirky and inspiring horde. Supporting and celebrating friends - and friendship - is a beautiful thing and for me that began here at Clio & Phineas.

2. How does my blog differ from others in its genre?
I have to admit I'm a bit stumped on this one. I'm not even sure what genre I would neatly fall into. 

While it's true that I don't usually sew popular patterns and am never the first to sew a new release, I'm not really sure that is what sets me apart. I sometimes feel a bit left-of-center to sewing blogosphere trends. 

But I do have a knit herd. I don't think there are any other blogs with their own Trample Herd.

Half of the Trample Herd
I hope that I have an interesting and sometimes funny voice. That's what I like in other blogs. But mostly I'm just me and I'm just as surprised when people turn up here now as I was in the beginning.

I don't know what else to say. Why do you keep turning up here in Clio-and-Phin-land?

3. How does my writing  process work?
In the most haphazzard and non-standardized way. Most of my posts that are simply about a current or recent project are written while I'm eating lunch at my desk and posted soon after. I usually post within the week I finish a project because I'm so excited about it. And since I actually do use my blog as a reference  it's important that I write it down all the tips and tutorials that I've used as well as the fitting tweaks while everything is fresh in my mind. 

But then the posts that I like the most - the occasional funny ones or ones that touch on my life outside sewing - usually get written and rewritten pretty carefully while they live in draft form. Some never get posted. About half originate with an idea from the blue that strikes me as funny or something that happens to me that cracks me up (did I mention that I like to laugh at myself?) The other half come from thoughts and ideas that grow in my mind over time and that I feel a need to express myself about.  

4. What am I working on?
Project Bump!  It's been a strange few months in the Craft Lounge.  Sewing a maternity wardrobe has really changed the way I sew and my goals - quick and easy knits have replaced complicated, fitted wovens. 

Right now, I'm in diaper bag building mode.  I decided to do "his and her's" bags, which means that I'm sewing with five different fabrics plus various interfacings and hardware. 


Hers - bottom right is the best representation of the color - white and grey.

Making bags is a very different discipline than garment sewing. It's slow and methodical, but you don't have to worry about fitting. It will be a few more days before I'm finished.

After that, I just plan on sewing more cosy things to wear post-partum for myself and more pj's for Phin until Raspberry's birth.

5. Nominations
Since my nomination came from London, I thought it would be fun to continue the multi-country hop and pass this on to two of my sewing friends in Canada - Vicki of Another Sewing Scientist and Kristin of K-line. Both inspire me with their sewing and lives and are just as awesome in person as on line. I'm so glad to know these gals in both the digital and real world!


Clio said...

You are so sweet! (And I cannot wait to hear more about Vicki!) Enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy. It's a profound time...

Clio said...

It's been fun getting to know you through web, and to think, it all started because I was interested in finding the ULTIMATE mac and cheese recipe (which by the way - did you ever determine which one was the best? If so I so need you to share it with me). Best wishes on your final days of warming your little bun in your oven!!!

Clio said...

I never have found the one ultimate recipe, but I've been enjoying 3 different things during this pregnancy. Seriously, I'm a dairy eating fiend these days!

1- the ziti version that I blogged here: t It's amazing.

2 - The cookbook MELT, which has all different recipes for very unique m+c's depending on what cheese you are using (we LOVED the Mexican one with chorizo).
3 - The Cooks Illustrated stove top m+c, which I made a number of times over the summer as a side for bbq's. It's wonderful! Maybe I'll blog it in the next week...

Clio said...

Oh! Why did I think that you and Vicki knew each other?

It is kind of profound to think that at any moment and in a few hours, life is going to permanently change for me and Phin!

Clio said...

So glad to have met you through sewing! :)

Clio said...

We met once in 2013 at a Toronto meet-up, but didn't have a long time to chat. Then we missed each other last month, when we were supposed to have a dinner date but I was tied up later than expected with Benedict Cumberbatch. :(

Clio said...

OK, I'm in. Just give me 6 months or so to get the time to blog!