Friday, November 21, 2014

Meet Hopscotch Bunny

Mischievous Dragon!  Ever since I knit a bunny for my nephew, he's been saying that there is no one in the herd with sufficient hopping skills. And now that there is a baby-to-be to knit for, he is getting his wish for a bouncy new herd member for Raspberry.

Hopscotch and DragonHippo

We're currently calling this little hopper Hopscotch. Raspberry may rename her some day and that's fine. The pattern is the floppy bunny from Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B Anderson, which I've now knit 3 times. I love the long gangly legs and arms. 


And the pom pom tail.  Somehow it's totally appropriate for a bunny.

Dragon and Hopscotch both love Chinese take out

I made this bunny friend in black and white to go with our high contrast baby theme.  Also, for baby toys, I sew a beanbag out of heavy muslin for the polly pellets that give the stuffie some weight. Polly pellets are non-toxic, but they can be a choking hazzard for a tiny baby who might, um, chew on a cute stuffed friend. Thank goodness that Hopscotch is washable since I knit her in Cascade 220 Superwash.

I finished actually knitting this floppy friend over the summer, but left it sitting as a bag of body parts until last week. I've just been too tired in the evenings to do much crafting in front of the tv, which is when this sort of project would usually be finished. But one by one, I'm doing the finishing work on my knits. There is another new herd member that just needs to be sewn together. 

The Herd

 The herd has thoroughly embraced the newest member.


Clio said...

Perfect! and gangly limbs have always been a favorite- love those Grover-esque proportions. Welcome Hopscotch!

Clio said...

So cute!!! I am in a doll-making mood myself, though for the four-year-old, not the baby (yet).

Clio said...

So, so cute!!!

Clio said...

The herd is adorbs!

Clio said...

Pfa!, the cutest bunch :)