Thursday, November 13, 2014

PJ's for the Dad to Be

One of the few not-for-me or Raspberry projects that I managed to get to in the last few weeks is a pair of PJ's for Phineas.

These are a knock off of Phins favorite pj's from years ago. I had disassembled the originals before they completely disintegrated and used them to create pattern pieces for new jammies that I made back in 2010. But at this point, even the replacements are showing signs of wear. So, new ones were in order.

The fabric is gorgeous cotton from Rosen & Chaddick that I splurged on for Phin's birthday. (Yes, it's true: I managed to parlay Phin's birthday into an occasion to splurge on fabric. LOL. ;-) Anyway, green is one of his favorite colors and one of my favorites on him.

I decided to go with the grain of the fabric, which meant horizontal stripes on these jammies.  I've done a ton of stripe matching recently, so this was no big deal to cut and sew, even considering that the outseams are flat felled. I did pretty good, if not 100% perfectly in a few spots.

Flat felled stripe matching

I did make a few changes to these pj's.  Phin asked for larger pockets - both a larger opening and a larger pocket bag, which was easy enough to do. I also added cuffed hems to this pair.  I kinda have a thing for cuffs and I just felt like sewing the hem that way with no real reason why.

Jointly, we decided that these didn't need a drawstring at the waist since he never used it anyway.  This was the only thing I think was a mistake. You see, as I've been growing through the belly, Phin has actually shrunk a little.  I think it's because, when running became uncomfortable for me about half way through this pregnancy, Phin was then free to set his own pace, while I walked at my own pace. So, quicker pace... more miles... you get the drift. So, despite my redoing the elastic at least once to make it tighter, these pj's are still a little loose through the waist.  I actually think the elastic may have loosened up as I sewed multiple rows of stitching to it. I'm hoping it will recover in the wash.

In the next version, I will probably make some fitting changes for Phin's smaller middle. However, these still fit in a way he likes and I'm sure will be plenty used and loved. The larger pocket passed the I-phone test and the fit passed the "lounging in the glider" test this morning.

Where the Wild Things Are - in the glider.

Phin seems happy with these, which is great since we are trying to stock up on sleep and relaxation these days.


Clio said...

What a great color! So glad that Phin got some new jams- I bet he'll spend lots of time snuggling with Raspberry in them!

Clio said...

Perfect for getting up in the middle of the night again and again -just kidding! Raspberry would never do that to you!! Does Phin have a jogging stroller ready? so exciting! Kimbersew

Clio said...

Yes! Jogging stroller was a priority for us. And if he pushes, I may even be able to keep up! 😉

Clio said...

That's the plan!

Clio said...

Great colour. A lot of time is spent in pj's with new babies so they'll get a lot of use, I'm sure. Good luck for your birth Clio.

Clio said...

Thanks so much!