Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Atonement

Like every other red blooded American, Phin and I did our patriotic duty and pulled out the Weber this weekend. Therefore, after everything I ate over my 5 days off (lamb chops, burgers (2x), a hot dog, bratwurst and rib eye, not to mention pizza and nary a vegetable), I am putting the Tuesday Blue Plate Special on hold for the week while I try to repair the damage done to my arteries.


Anonymous said...

You could grill some veggies and grill some fruit for dessert!


Clio said...

Wow! Wish I'd thought of that! I would love to throw some pineapple on the grill. MMmmmm

But actually, it is looking like rain here, so steamed or stir fried shrimp and broccoli is probably in my future instead.