Friday, May 15, 2009

Pinstriped Pants: AMAZING!

So as you already heard, I finished my pinstriped pants on Saturday.

Despite a major snafu, they came out really well! Essentially, problems arose when I couldn't tell my left from my right and basically did the waistband backward. (I know: ridiculous! The fact that I didn't realize my mistake until the very end is even more mind boggling.)

See how the long part of the waistband (on the left) is on the wrong side? It should be on the right, covering the zipper guard thingy. Ridiculous, no? At this point, my two choices were to redo the whole waist, cutting out new fabric, OR to... um... edit the design. So I removed the zipper guard thingy and then shortened the long side of the waist, making it into a simple hook and bar closure.

Voila! Here are my pants!

And from the back:

There is a little wrinkling under the bum and I am not sure why. But, in general, I'm happy with the basic fit. It is much better than any RTW pants I own (sad, but true). To remedy the bum issues, I will try out Debbie's fish eye dart to see if that will fix it for future pants.

However, I did have some problems with the directions. I think it will go more smoothly on subsequent pairs. Speaking of which, I've already purchased fabric for the next pair... or three.

I'd been meaning to check out Metro Textile Corp for a while because I'd heard so much about Kashi, the wonderfully helpful owner. Last week, I trekked over with my list of needs/wants: seersucker for my next pants and white eyelet for a halter top. I ended up leaving with all that plus a great black cotton for additional pants as well as a white cotton/poly blend that Kashi says is the perfect fabric for white pants because nothing will show thru. (I've tried to find white pants with nothing showing thru for about 10 years. How could I say no?)

L to R: Eyelet, Seersucker, White Cotton/Poly and Black Cotton

Anyway, I am trying to decide which fabric to make into pants next. I'm taking the two days before Memorial Day weekend off for sewing - including attending a workshop on pants fitting at my local fabric shop. And that is when I plan to tackle my next pants.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed! I almost am inspired to start sewing myself!

Your pants rock!


2BSewing: said...

Nice job with your pants. Nice fit. The wrinkles in the rear are not bad. I think it's related to your crotch point. You are doing well with the fitting. :)

Clio said...

Yeah, I had some crotch issues I wasn't fully able to resolve... Thanks!