Monday, March 23, 2009

Dusting Off the Craft Lounge

Well, it's been a month. A whole month without any kind of crafting whatsoever.

What? Don't you wear a french maid costume
when you clean your craft lounge?

My last few projects before leaving on vacation were great successes - confidence building and appreciated by the recipients. On Sunday, I found myself eager to get back into the flow and pick up where I left off. So, I took stock and selected which of the (intimidating number of) projects that I have lined up to tackle next. The winners are:

  • A Birthday Gift for Magenta - Magenta, my lack of keeping track of the date while in Spain and not sending you a message on your birthday is translating into a gift that requires 300 inches of ruffles. That's 25 feet. Sadly, it is not a flamenco costume for you. That would still be well beyond my skill level. But I think you will, nonetheless, enjoy what I am making for you.
  • Pants for my nephew Orpheus - He is difficult to fit and so I bought a pattern making kit for children's pants. It is basically a dumbed-down version of the pattern making class I took last summer. I actually started drafting the pattern/sloper before I left, but when I saw my nephew on Saturday I realized that he has grown since I took the measurements. Uuuugh.
Anyway, those are the first two things to tackle. After that (in no particular order) I have to make pants for myself, shirts for Phineas and a bunch of other gifts that were promised ages ago.

*** Don't worry: there is still more to come from our Spain trip. Phineas, now that he has been roped into blogging, just has to catch up.

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