Thursday, March 19, 2009

The last Jamon standing in Barcelona

So when I(Phineas) last left you, I was deep in slumber soaking up some rays in the park. The ruins were opening at 4, so off we went in search of some old bricks. The museum resides above the site of Roman ruins from the first settlement of Barcelona, encompassing a compound and some outer walls. Ruins, ruins, ruins, this being Barcelona, we found out that the ruins were in fact a wine making facility! Can't escape it - when we travel, food always seems to get in the way. Sigh. They were quite impressive and after getting our fill, it was on our way back up to our bags in storage and the upcoming train ride to Granada.

Random doorway to somewhere

Time out! Outside the Museum-Ruins underneath my butt

Hummm. Train leaves at 9:30 and its only 6:00. Time for Tapas! Up we trod back up to "our" local cerveseria for a little nibble before leaving. Some nibble! We plopped down on the counter, and right in front of our faces was the specials board and a huge platter of chanterelles and oyster mushrooms. Striking while the iron was hot (actually seeing veg), Clio pounced; ordering a racion of asparagus a la plancha and mixed shrooms a la plancha. Simply grilled vibrant green aparargus with the requisite Spanish shower of oil and sea salt. Game and match. Ah but more to come in a meaty platter of mushrooms, dressed with the Spanish shower and releasing a wonderful aromatic smoke filled with hints of citrus and thyme. Veg for the day: check!

I looked to the chalkboard and spied bacon wrapped dates(oooh so good!) and a couple of skewers of cod served with a small piece of bread and covered in a silky bath of oil, tomato and salt. Down the hatch! Hunger quelled, Clio remarked "I really should get some jamon before leaving". Quick check of the clock and I replied there was one more place I'd written down to try-Bar Mut. (now known as the first date for Clio and the word Bellota)....

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