Thursday, March 19, 2009

Barca: Take 2

Hola again! Phineas here (completing a post started in Granada...just channel the time-shifting qualities of Lost and it'll be ok). When last we left our food adventure, Clio was still in a Jamon-induce coma. Well she's up and we're heading out to eat, with a bit of touring in between. Just an FYI- I only have scenery shots from here on out -no food- because we were just too busy eating to think about photos! Remember: no drinking and shooting photos!)

First, we headed off in the crisp, cool early morning air to the museums located on Montjuic, over looking Barcelona.

flags flying at the base of the hill

Barcelona from the top (while we walked a little, we did avail ourselves of the escalators!)

After an art-fix at the Catalonian museum and a long walk, we headed off for lunch. (I'm hungry!!). Off down Las Ramblas to the central market of La Boqueria, filled with stalls and stalls of fruit and vegetable vendors, olive shops, sweets and chocolates, butchers, fish mongers and mostly importantly eateries! We quickly decided on Bar Pinxtos as Clio spied the copas (glasses) of Cava being drunk, so off we went. Waiting for our seats, we chatted (OK, I muttered, smiled and used gestures) with two older women who despite their best efforts to the contrary, were being plied to giddiness by the food and Cava being thrust upon them by the efficacious counter man. After stumbling away, we took our seats and proceeded to replicate the karma created by the giggling duo!

Leading off, after topping off with Cava, was a plate of complementary croquettas. Easily matching the ones ingested last night, they were shimmering nuggets of gold leading to oozing jamon-spiked bechamel goodness. Really, burn your tongue-I don't care-I want some more now kind of goodness. Cooled the burn with cava and moved on to a plate of cumin spiked garbanzos with spinach, dressed with fruity Spanish olive oil, red vinegar and a final shower of sea salt. Next up, razor clams a la plancha (just caught this morning). Hummm...briny, tender and oh so lipsmacking good. Yummmmm! Clio also ordered the house specialty of sauteed baby squid (think size of pinky nail) with beans dressed with the ubiquitous olive oil and a shower of sea salt. Now if you're thinking that squid should be fried and beans should baked, well think again. Salty, sweet, savory and succulent all at once-the plate was cleaned up with bread (we would have licked it, but that wouldn't have been pretty :)) Finally, if you see something bubbling on the stove at these types of places, chances are its gonna be good. Today it was Spanish beef stew, redolent of wine, smoked paprika and spice tempered by the sweetness imparted by the accompanying carrots. SO good...the bread is now gone!. One cafe cortado later, we went off into the afternoon a little heavier, a little buzzier but altogether happy to waddle away into the sunshine and blue skies of Barcelona.

Looking back down Las Ramblas from the top-la boqueria is about a 2/3 of the way down on the right

On to the next museum which, in the basement, held the remains of the first Roman settlement of Barcelona. By the time we got there, it was closed for siesta, so we decided to just walk around the old town and then take our own personal siesta on the benched-lined Parc de la Ciutadella. Perfect! People running, playing, sitting in the warm and sunny 78 degrees afternoon air. We got a bench, Clio popped open the guidebook and Phineus....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Back through the parc, looking vaguely similar to the Jardin de Tuilleries in Paris

Bikes for rent. Tough for me to sleep while riding!

This was not our only food adventure of the day. But I think this is enough for you to digest for now. Next up: Clio's jamon habit reaches new heights and on to Granada.

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2BSewing: said...

LOL!!! I'm enjoying this so much. Thanks for the belly laughs. I really needed it. No need for are doing great at describing the dishes. Wow...La Boqueria looks huge!