Monday, March 9, 2009

Week in Review

Last week was all work and stress for me, but since Phineas arrived in London on Thursday morning, things have radically improved. Here is a Phineas-eye-view of the week:

The Gerkin, my favorite building in London.

Phineas spent Thursday and Friday in London and Greenwich.

A view of Canary Wharf from Greenwich.

The prime meridian, Greenwich, England.

And then we traveled to Bath, where we met up with Catherine S and her fiance, Jamie.

Here is Phineas on the Victorian era balcony overlooking the Roman
Baths, with Bath Abbey in the background.

Here I am "enjoying" the theraputic waters of Bath.
(It smells and tastes like sweaty pennies).

We did visit the spa in Bath - 2 hours of hot baths and steam rooms was very luxurious - helped with the jet lag and got me ready for vacation.

And now we are in Barcelona (it is siesta time). We are thoroughly enjoying the city of Gaudi and Miro. I have already vowed to return if Sagrada Familia is competed in my lifetime. But more on Barcelona in future posts. Adios for now!

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