Friday, August 22, 2008

Project backlog!

Yesterday, Magenta commented that I had lots of cool projects in the works. She's right - I've got an immensely full plate! Because of this growing backlog of projects, I took Monday off and devoted most of the day to sewing. I'm doing the same thing this Monday.

I made good progress on the tote bag that I am making for mom's birthday. I stopped when I decided that what it really needed was an inside pocket. Once that is complete, all that I will have to do is attach the lining and put on finishing touches like the handle, some top stitching, and a final coat of Stainguard.

Here it is, in progress

I have one more tote bag to do this summer; a birthday tote for Terpischore, the bride. She liked the one I made Poly so much that she asked me to make one for her. She will be honeymooning in Mexico, and hopefully it will be finished in time. I still haven't picked out fabric for this project and am in a bit of a panic about it.

I also have to make several enormous curtains for her wedding. She is a bit of a DIY bride, and there are a few doorways and large windows at the reception venue that she wants to cover. Yesterday, I ordered 45 yards (135 feet!!) of black delustered satin. At $2.99 a yard, the price was definitely right! Hopefully, I'll be able to make the fabric into something else after the wedding (duvet covers? sheets? an army of little black dresses? who knows.) Anyway, I have put the muses on alert that we are having a massive sewing party the weekend before the wedding and I am going to spring for pizza and wine to bolster our efforts. If you are reading this, you are heartily invited to attend.

However, before I work on any of this, I MUST make a shirt or two for Phineas for his birthday. He has been a tremendous help with prepping all my fabrics while I am at work and has been incredibly patient with my frequent disappearances into the Craft Lounge. It's time he reaped the benefits.

It is funny now to think that at one point I worried about not having enough projects to keep me busy. Those were the days!

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Sarah & John said...

Don't worry about the bag it can wait.
PS: the one you're doing for mom looks fantastic. She will love it.