Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stretch Assignment

I admit it. I have been wanting to poke around in Spandex World, that mecca to the fabric that launched 1000 tacky fashions, for quite some time. I've just never had an excuse to walk in the door. Until today that is!

One of the many (many many!) projects I am working on is a short sleeved shrug that I am making for my mom. She bought a red strapless dress for Terpiscore's wedding. Scandalous, I know. But in all sincerity, it is about the most modest red strapless dress ever made. However, she still wants to cover up a bit for church, and so I volunteered my services.

I decided that the shrug should be 1- tiny, 2-black and 3-made of stretch lace. So off I went to Spandex World. All I can say is, you haven't really lived until you've witnessed two adult men argue over whether to buy the leopard print or zebra print spandex. At first I was disappointed with the small selection of lace, but when I realized there was a second floor (yes, two whole floors of spandex), things started looking up. I ended up with some beautiful black stretch lace that has sequins sewn right into it. Perfect!

Poorly photographed, but beautiful fabric.

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