Thursday, August 28, 2008

WIP: Shrug

Over the last few evenings, I have started work on the shrug for my mom. Cutting the pattern one night, the fabric another, and last night beginning to sew. Before I go any further, I am going to have mom try it on this weekend.

I'm not sure how the sleeves will fit. The armscyes look fine, but the sleeves are not terribly large and are going to take some finessing to ease them in smoothly. I'm a little concerned about this, and also whether there will be enough room under the armpit.

The only other unforeseen issue is how I will finish the seams. I should have thought of this before I started sewing. I have a feeling that the sequins will be a bit itchy and rough on skin. Maybe I will trim and then bind them together with biased tape. Or if I feel very ambitious, I could do a Hong Kong finish. Although, that would probably be overkill and wouldn't really get rid of the problem of itchy sequins on the skin, even though I am now dying to try this finish.

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