Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, more on the curtain project for Terpischore's wedding reception. This is the layout of the reception area. All the W x L measurements are for the curtains. The place has an industrial feel to it and the curtains will be hung on the metal pipes at key windows and doorways. Because of that, I will make curtains that have ties at the top, rather than a casing to thread a curtain rod thru.

The black delustered satin arrived over the weekend, as did the heavy weight grosgrain ribbon that will be used for tie-backs and hanging ties. I'm happy with the quality. I was definitely worried since I got it on the cheap. But it looks great for this use and I think will do well for clothing and a duvet after the wedding.

I am going to make a sample curtain this weekend to work out the design issues before the sewing blitz with the Muses. That way we will be ready to go. Even Mom Muse is getting in on the act; she has volunteered to be one of the pressing and pinning team.


Sarah & John said...

Thanks!! I owe you one

2BSewing: said...

Wow! This is an exciting sewing project. I know you are going to have a blast sewing with your Muses. Your fabric sounds delightful. goes with everything. ;)