Monday, June 9, 2008

Santa Clio

Over the weekend, I delivered Calliope's purse to her. She liked it a lot. Yay!

I also had a fitting session with Polyhymnia, before I finished her kimono top. It looked like a very good fit! Next Sunday, we are going to have a fitting session for the bottoms (um, which I will have cut and basted together by then...)

It definitely felt like Christmas, despite the heat!


2BSewing: said...

Congrats on the purse! It's always special to receive a "handmade" gift, especially from someone as talented as you. I'm looking forward to seeing the floral pants. I love the fabric you selected. AND I'm jealous that you only work a few blocks from Mood's. That store must be like fabric heaven. Keep on sewing! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Clio you quite talented, indeed!

I enjoyed seeing you and Becky over the weekend; I am sorry we didn't get to hang too much!

I LOVE the fabric, by the way!
Love, Mar-Mar