Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lobster Three Ways: Part II

I really hope they don't sue me for copyright infringement.

Part two of our Lobster Three Ways was Butter Poached Lobster Claws. The basic method is to make a beurre monté and then poach the claws in it. Here's what Thomas Keller, the exec chef of French Laundry and Per Se had to say about it in Food and Wine, which I also hope doesn't sue me.

"Beurre Monté can be made in any amount using the same cooking method. Bring the water (2tbsp or so) to a boil in an appropriate size saucepan. Reduce the heat to low and begin whisking the butter into the water, bit by bit, to emulsify. Once you have established the emulsion, you can continue to add pieces of butter until you have the quantity of beurre monté that you need...

"...Poaching lobster in beurre monté is the perfect way to cook lobster and it’s also an easy way to cook lobster.... Make your beurre monté, bring it to 180°, 190°, pop your cleaned lobster tails and claws in beurre monté, and let them poach for five or six minutes. I would eat them straight out of the butter myself."

We also threw a few cloves of garlic in with the claws and then served the left over beurre monté in ramekins for dipping or (cardiologists, cover your ears) drizzling onto your filet mignon or mashed potatoes.

Is there a term for plagiarizing on your blog? Cause this post really is one big rip. What can I say, I'm having a busy week...

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