Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pizza Friday

Pizza with sausage and broccoli rabe

I've been meaning to write this post pretty much since I launched my blog. But every Friday evening as Phineas and I make pizza, uncork a bottle of wine and pop in a dvd, I somehow forget to document this weekend ritual. Perhaps my brain gets all fuzzy as I power down and ease into the weekend.

Fed up with the sub-par pizza in our neighborhood, we started making our own about a year or so ago. Initially, we made our own dough, but quickly realized that the raw dough at the supermarket was just as tasty and infinitely easier. Phineas is in charge of stretching the dough and I am in charge of topping and cooking. Twelve minutes in a 450 degree over produces a crispy crust and gooey toppings. This week, I was especially happy for Pizza Friday. I didn't quite realize how much I missed eating cheese while we were in Asia until midway thru my second slice when that feeling that all is right in the world overtook me.

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