Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Craft Lounge is Open

The Craft Lounge has finally had the spring cleaning it needed. I was worried that I would be a bit rusty after so much time away, but after I unearthed all of my projects, I set right back to work finishing Calliope's never-ending clutch purse.

I finally completed the inside piece, and it came out very well and looks like it will fit. So, next up is final assembly and finishing touches, like attaching the wrist strap, cleaning all the chalk marks and scotch guarding the whole thing.

Speaking of scotch guard, I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to scotch guard the place mats I made way back in January.

I also did the pre-sewing work for Polyhymnia's sarong pants. I purchased and washed the fabric, read the instructions again and cut out the pattern. After Calliope's clutch, this project really looks like a piece of cake. And yes, I do realize that saying so may come back to haunt me. C'est la vie!

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