Monday, July 8, 2013

Gifts for Baby: Knitting Reveal!

It seems like I spent a large part of June on gifts for others. The two knit items that I finished during my mojo explosion were baby gifts for my sister Polyhymnia, who is expecting this month.  We had a mini baby shower (a sprinkle?) for her over the weekend. 

I was so happy with the baby blanket and bunny that I made for my sister-in-law back in February (details here), that I decided to make another set for my sister, this time in blue and white. And again, I was pleased with how quickly and easily this blanket knit up in Cascade 128 Superwash. It's 100% merino wool and very soft and warm. 

Baby Gift

Best of all, it is machine washable and can be tumble dried on low, which is great for a busy mom. So that my sister wouldn't have to wash it before using, I hand washed the blanket in Dreft and blocked it.

The bunny is from Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B Anderson, which has turned out to be a fabulous investment for me. I seem to be rapidly knitting my way through it.

Pompom "Cotton tail"

Normally, I don't get attached to gifts. But that didn't stop Dragon the Hippo from making friends with the bunny, who he named Fricassee.


It was a difficult good-bye when the time came. But Fricassee and the blanket are now with my sister, awaiting the arrival of the new baby.

Speaking of which, here is my Martha Stewart moment of the week: I made a watermelon baby carriage for the shower.

Watermelon Baby Carriage

Isn't it silly what people will do for a baby shower? Despite what you might think because of my sewing and knitting and baking, I'm really not all that craftsy/diy-ish. Aside from stuffed animals, I'm pretty much non-cutesy. So this was quite the accomplishment for me. Actually, I can't really even take much credit since Phin is the one who wielded the knife (FYI- serrated works best and offers more control than a butchers knife.) I just "supervised".


Clio said...

i hesitate to ask, but did dragon name the bunny "fricassee" in the hope that it would make a good dinner? :-)

Clio said...

LOL Dragon talks a big game, but he's really soft and squishy at heart.

Clio said...

Those are adorable gifts which will be treasured and loved by baby and mommie, as well!

Clio said...

So SWEET! I love that yarn, I've used it for baby hats and it's so soft and squishy!