Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sew Sexy: Pattern Inspiration

Well. It's been a busy week; I'm way behind on Sew Sexy Sew Along (SSS-along or Triple S along?) posts. But I hope you've been following the fabulous designer inspiration posts that Nettie has been putting up over at Sown Brooklyn.

I think my favorite styles that she posted are the Alexander McQueen plunging tuxedo dress...

Alexander McQueen

And Victoria Beckham's leather waspie/obi belt.

Victoria Beckham

You wouldn't need much of a pattern to knock off the waspie, and you could create a similar look as the McQueen tux with Vogue1265, a Pamela Roland lab coat-style dress.

Speaking of patterns, the whole sss-along endeavor originated with an acknowledgement about a year ago that sewing patterns tend to err on the side of very modest.  Whither the sexy patterns?, asked Suzanne of Beau Baby. It's true. Until recently, sewing patterns have been rather buttoned up. Even in evening wear, necklines showing off a little decollete have been few and far between.

Sexy is subjective, but I think there are options - more now that when Suzanne posted. Vogue's designer patterns have some gems and BurdaStyle magazine has too many to name. (Vogue is having a $5.99 sale March 4-6, btw.)

BurdaStyle 01/2012 #125

But other pattern companies have gotten in on the act with a few sultry offerings - Marfy, Named and By Hand London to name a few.  Ralph Pink, with his array of corsetry and urban style oozes sex appeal.

Ralph Pink's sexy take on a buttoned up shirt

If you want sexy lingerie patterns, look no further than Lekala.

There are even a few free designer downloads over at ShowStudio.

I found so many potentially sexy patterns that I started pinning away: Click here for my Sew Sexy Inspiration Board.

So, yes, there are more options. However, I think you can make a not obviously sexy pattern into a very sexy garment. For example, I took Vogue 8670, a raglan tee...

Added some illusion mesh and made this top....

Date Night top

And in the spring, I took the very popular Vogue peplum top...

Vogue 8815

... added some faux leather and made...

Madam Clio's Peplum

...this top.

So, really, with some minor changes and some interesting fabric, lots of patterns can be sexy. I also think that how you style something makes a big difference - think about a classic black sheath dress. With high heels, glam make up and eye catching accessories, it can be a very sexy look, and yet with more staid shoes and plain accessories, it can be played down.  Also, fit is important - the right hemline and a more body conscious fit can transform a pattern.

A great example of this is Mimi G's version of B5985.  She took this:


And - with a little fabric, fitting and accessory magic - made it into this:

Another sewist who constantly glams up ordinary patterns with smart fabric, fitting and accessories is Nikki of Beaute' J'adore. I hope you will check both of them out.

Anyway, at this point, maybe you're wondering what I'll be sewing. I haven't 100% decided yet, but I'm leaning toward a not overtly sexy pattern done in a sexy way. But we'll see...

Any thoughts on what you might sew? Any patterns to add that you think ooze sex appeal? 


Clio said...

OK, I made a top this weekend that is TOTALLY sexy. I want to use it for this sew along. Is it legit to remake it (maybe with some pants) in new fabric?

Clio said...


Clio said...

I love your new Pinboard, so many gems! And I really like that illusion top, too!

Clio said...

You are really working your curves. Love your new peplum top - sexy but not too showy.

Clio said...

Your date night top is ridiculously hot. With that, you're owning the sew sexy challenge...