Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frosting Shots Winner, Photobombing and Pocket Thoughts

Last weekend, my ten year old nephew and I made his mom a birthday cake - devil's food cake with a stabilized whipped cream frosting and chocolate dipped strawberries. Mmmmmm...  but that's a post for another time since we have some housekeeping today.

Gratuitous Birthday Cake Shot

First, thanks for your thoughts on pockets. It seems like we fall into a few basic camps - curvy ladies who hate extra bulk at the hips and love purses, those who have jobs/lifestyles that make pockets a practicality/necessity for carrying what you need for work or life, and those who just think pockets are plain old fun and a good place to stick one's hands - I'm guessing that this group tends to favor pockets that also add a design element to a dress or skirt. That said, we all seem to agree that pockets in jeans are a must! So, there you have it. 

Next up: the results of the "Frosting Shots!" giveaway.  Lingerie is one area where sewing your own is almost always less expensive than comparable RTW.  No wonder there is a lingerie binge going on in the sewing blogosphere! Anway, Phin and I did the drawing last night - analog as always.

And the winner is:

Congrats Ann!  Shoot me an email!

Last, no doubt you've noticed the knit hippo photobombing the giveaway winner picture. You see, I'm going to be in San Francisco for 36 hours for work from tomorrow to Friday morning - a crazy trip where there will be no time for any enjoyment. (Sigh. No fabric shopping or meet ups or blogging). BUT, I have been promised that there will be an all-too-rare occurrence happening here at Clio & Phineas: a post from Phin! 

Yes, it is true. He has promised me a post about the new friend that I knit for him who already shows a keen interest in photobombing and jumping in general. So, stay tuned!


Clio said...

Thanks a gazillion! I can't wait getting panty-sewing a go - DH on the other hand seems excitet for my to make a night-slip ;)

Clio said...

Typical! LOL

Clio said...

Yummy that cake looks so tempting

Clio said...

I wanted to read this post, but my brain stopped working after I read the phrase, "whipped cream frosting". Cake, please!

Clio said...

Ha! I have to confess that there was some frosting and some strawberries left over and, between my nephew and me, it all disappeared before cake was served.

Clio said...

hehe - looking forward to it! That cake looks positively scrumptious :)

Clio said...

Kid assistant chefs can be a challenge, it's true! You have to manage your own expectations. But my nephew is terrific and we've been cooking/baking together for years now. He's even the one that came up with the idea for the chocolate dipped strawberries to top the cake.