Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Catching Up with Some Young and Talented Gals...

I'm just about over my cold and work travel is winding down. So, I've got lots of catch up blogging to do.

But wouldn't you know it, Blogger seems to be having a really bad hair day and is not allowing me to upload photos with it's usual ease.  BUT in the interim let's catch up with some other sewists...

Ready to Shine Fashion Show (from the Kingsway Mall FB Page)

Do you remember those awesome young sewistas working with reader Jodie K on a fashion show project for their school?  Check out this video featuring all the schools and contestants with their garments in progress.

Well, the Ready to Shine Fashion Show took place on April 25th, and shine they did, raising $26K for full day kindergarden for their local school district. Here's a short article in the local paper about the event. 

Look at the super fun skirt that Jodie K's team created! I'd totally wear it. (Sadly, this is the only picture that I could get to load. The others are linked from their online sources).

Very on-trend with the ruffle
Anyway, I know you join me in congratulating Jodie K's team on their work. I bet they all go on to lots more stylish sewing adventures.

And hopefully, I'll be able to show you more of my own adventures once Blogger rights itself.


Clio said...

So awesome. If only they had something like this way back when I was a schoolie!

Clio said...


Clio said...

So cool! These kids are awesome!