Thursday, April 7, 2011

World Peace Cookies: The Way to Phin's Heart?

It's a rare day when I don't eat something chocolate. Yesterday, it was a cookie after dinner; today, I polished off a few remaining cocoa dusted chocolate almonds from Whole Foods. But Phineas doesn't feel the same way. He could go an age without anything chocolatey at all. Or, at least that was true until a few weeks ago when I made Dorie Greenspan's World Peace Cookies, so called because one of Dorie's neighbors asserted that they are all that is needed to "ensure planetary peace and happiness".

I made a batch and froze them, as I normally do. That way I can defrost one or two at a time whenever the chocolate urge strikes. About a week later, I went looking for my nightly cookie and was shocked to see that there were only a few left. I didn't think that I had eaten so many, but how could I argue with the evidence - a mostly empty freezer bag? I harumphed my way back to the couch where I fretted all evening about having apparently gobbled up a batch of cookies in a week, thinking that I should definitely not eat any more for the time being and feeling rather sorry for myself since I had really been looking forward to a cookie just then. It was not until Phin asked about my change of heart about my evening cookie - and I explained my harumphing - that he confessed: he was the cookie-eating culprit responsible for the rapid dwindling of the cookie stash. 

This is a very different chocolate chip cookie for me because you roll it into a log, refrigerate the log, and then slice and bake (as opposed to being a drop cookie, which is my favorite kind). And the texture is also different from your usual chocolate chip cookie. It is a bit sandy, the way a sugar cookie is - in an appealing way.  And the flavor is great! They are definitely a dark chocolate lovers cookie - not overly sweet, deep with cocoa, and a bit salty from a liberal hit of sea salt. Yum!

At this point, the cookies are gone and Phin has asked that I not make another batch too soon, out of consideration for his waistline. But he added that nuts would be a nice addition. Anyway, would the world be a better more peaceful place if more people ate these cookie?  I don't know. But they are so very good that even my non-chocoholic husband loves them. And there was definitely an increase in domestic harmony and wedded bliss at my house with these cookies around.


Mar-Mar said...

recipe is printed. I might just make these for my bday. Once I had some Italian rose sparkling wine that complimented a very nice chocolate cookie. I might just hunt a couple of those bottles for the celebration.

xooxox Thanks for sharing.


Lindsay T said...

Mmmm, yum! Chocoholic here too. I need to get Dorie's newest cookbook, Around My French Table.