Friday, April 1, 2011

Stashing and De-stashing

Last weekend, I sorted through my pattern stash and did some organizing. It's funny to look back at the patterns I bought as a new sewista - what I thought I would be sewing vs what I actually sew. Although there weren't really any patterns that made me say "Gah! What was I thinking!?!?!", I've selected a few for de-stashing anyway. And if any of you would like any of them, please raise your hand* and I will be happy to mail them off to you. Here we go:

Kwik Sew 2589 (S-XL) - Lingerie

I would be so very pleased if someone would take this Kwik Sew pattern off my hands - I feel a need to banish it from my sight. It's a good pattern that seems to have worked for just about every other sewista out there, but it truly just doesn't work for me. But luckily for anyone who may want it, I traced the pattern. So, aside from a battered envelope, it is in near mint condition.

Vogue Easy Options 8138 (size 20,22,24) and Butterick 5216 (L, XL)

Again, there is nothing wrong with these patterns and they are in perfect condition. When I bought them, I was on the fence about what size to buy. I went with the larger size envelope and then lost weight. Typical.

McCall's 3416 (M-XL) and 4364 (M-XL)

Why did I ever think I would sew for the children in my life? They grow way too quickly for my snail's pace of sewing.

KS 2935 (S-XXL)

This is another tried-and-true pattern. And, thanks to a flub at, I received two copies and they didn't want the extra one back. So, I thought one of you might like it.

And now for the stashing! As I mentioned, I dropped in on Metro Textiles the other day and they just had so many beautiful new fabrics that I went overboard, which seems par for the course for me. Here's my haul.

First, two poly knits. The black and white one will be used right away for the Burda top I'm making for the Over the Top Challenge. The other will be used for another top at some future date.

Left for the Top Challenge and Right for stashing.
Then - and these are the ones I hadn't planned to buy and am giddy about - 3 pieces of gorgeous cotton. I don't know about you, but I'm really bad at identifying cottons - are they voile? batiste? lawn? I just don't know. They're all very lightweight to semi-sheer and will need to be lined or underlined. 

Big blue flowers and two beautiful border prints.

The one on the left is the most sheer and has giant flowers in shades of blue. I think it will be perfect for something beachy. And since I just booked a cruise with just about all of my family to celebrate my parent's 40th Anniversary, it should get sewn up fairly soon. The cruise isn't until August, but I'm already feeling warmer and sunnier just knowing that I have a vacation planned. 

I am thoroughly in LOVE with the two pieces that have border prints.  Aren't they just perfect for some kind of summery dress or skirt? Particularly the one with the giant turquoise flowers. I'm going to have to be very strategic about using these.

Anyway, all this is to say that although I am getting rid of 6 patterns, I am replacing them with 5 lenghts of fabric. Not really much of a space-saving trade. LOL.  But oh, well.

Lastly, today starts the Over the Top Challenge! Wish me luck that my patterns actually do turn out to be the fun and easy projects that I am hoping for, and that I'm not an April Fool for including a Burda top in my plan. Happy sewing and have a great weekend!

* By "raise your hand" what I mean is comment on this post saying which pattern(s) you want and how I should get in touch with you (email?) to get your address. This is strictly a first-come, first-served offer.


Barb said...

I would be happy to take the Vogue Easy Options 8138 pattern off your hands. It's very nice of you to share.
Maybe receiving this would get my sewing mojo back in action.


RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Hi there. I'll take either or both of the McCalls for little boys. How ironic, I just got a request to make some trouser for a 6 year. These should do nicely. If you ant you and no one claims it. I'll take the KS slip pattern.

Anonymous said...

I would love the quick-sew lingerie. I always need new slips.
Diane Drexel

Andrea said...

I love all of your fabric choices. They are going to be great for SprIng and Summer. I can't wait to see what you make.

I'd be interested in the kwik sew mens's shirt if it's still available.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Please throw me in the hat for the two Kwik Sews! I made the Bambi negligee from BurdaStyle last year but it wasn't great for me so I'm looking for a new pattern. And the bf has occasionally hinted at wanting a shirt (there's no way I'm tackling cuffs for him, so it would have to be short sleeved anyway).

Love your fabrics! The turquoise flower border print would be in serious danger if I visited your stash closet.

Sheila said...

Totally loving your fabric haul. You actually inspired me with your black/white floral prints. I stopped at my favorite spot and found floral b/w stretch charmeuse... yumm