Thursday, July 30, 2009

Midsummer Meltdown!

This weekend July ends, August begins, and it is time for my annual freak-out about how many projects I have committed to for September and beyond.

I am taking Friday and Monday off and have plans to work on my halter top and tank top. Patterns are cut, Vilene bias tape has arrived, and it is time to get a move on. Also, I will visit my local fabric store to shop for the 4 diaper bags that I am planning to make between now and the new year. I know I will love giving them as gifts. (More on baby gifts next week.) I've also committed to a sewing project for one of the many showers that I have this fall.

Other sewists in the blogosphere have been lamenting that it is time to start thinking about fall clothing. I still feel like we haven't had much of a summer, but I have a whole fleet of planned projects for myself. Most notable are a pencil skirt with the fabulous plaid I bought a few weeks ago (pattern tbd), and, after giving myself all summer to think it over, I really can't put off my pants issues any longer. I thought I had made up my mind to work on my sloper, but then I went overboard when had a Simplicity pattern sale.

Oh, and maybe I want to make a dress too.

Anyway, all of this has led me back to the same conclusion that I always arrive at: I just don't have enough time for sewing and really need to quit my job so that I can spend more time in the craft lounge. Sigh.

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