Tuesday, July 7, 2009

At least it's finished

Yesterday afternoon, I finished sewing the buttons on the too snug shirt. Phineas tried it on; yup, definitely too snug. Oh well. At least now I can stop looking at it crumpled up on the rocking chair in the corner of the room. Maybe I will give it to Goodwill.

Also, I am almost done with both my maxi dress and tank top, although each will get it's own post as soon as I do some photographing. Both projects were quick and easy, which has me thinking about how I want to direct my sewing efforts.

Since my sewing time is limited right now, should I stick to quick and easy projects? If I did, I might have more to show for my hobby and get more satisfaction out of it. I definitely like completing projects quickly and adding to my wardrobe. And when a project doesn't work out, there hasn't been the huge investment of time that leads to disappointment. However, I do want to make pants; that is the flip side of the argument.


Anonymous said...

What size is the too tight shirt?


Clio said...

Med, but that does not really correspond to ready to wear sizing. That said, Phin is dead set on keeping the shirt for some reason, although he hasn't said what he plans to do with it.