Thursday, July 2, 2009

My First BWOF!

For my non-sewing readers, BWOF is short for Burda World of Fashion, the popular German sewing magazine. I signed up for a trial subscription (English version, of course) and my first issue - July 2009 - arrived yesterday.

Burda is different from other fashion or sewing magazines because, well, there aren't really any articles. What each issue does contain is fashion spreads of stylish clothing and then the patterns and instructions on how to sew them. And, in the June issue there are any number of cute garments and accessories that I would enjoy sewing, including some that are very quick and easy. Really, this issue makes me wish I had a beach vacation to look forward to and start sewing for!

I wore my halter top last weekend and it left me feeling inspired to sew more things for myself. With tomorrow and Monday off, I hope to get lots of sewing done - primarily my maxi dress and tank top. Both should be pretty quick projects depending on how fitting goes.

Have a Happy 4th of July, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Where did you wear your halter top to? I am curious.


Clio said...

OH! With youngest sister's encouragement, I decided that it was cute and not too sexy. So, I wore it to a backyard BBQ following a Baptism (I wore a sweater while in church.)