Thursday, June 6, 2013

Knitting WIPs

Apparently, I have recovered from my bout of knitting ennui. Here is the pile of yarn that I bought last week, as proof of my recovery.

Piles of yarn!

This is yarn for the next four projects that I plan to work on, all of them gifts. I've even cast on and begun knitting two of them already!

I'm making a baby blanket and matching bunny (not pictured) for my sister, who is expecting a new little boy in July.
Baby Boy Blanket!

Both are patterns I've knit before (see here). So, nothing too challenging or exciting. But I was so happy with the first version I made for my sister-in-law that I'm knitting both for my sister, too.

Oh! And by the way, I seem to have tentatively settled on Ivory as the name for the new herd member. I let the names simmer for a week, and somehow Ivory just feels right.

 Thanks for all the great suggestions!

I have one more WIP post for this week planned for tomorrow with some thoughts on sizing and fitting sewing patterns. Then I'll have some actual sewing to show you next week. 

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