Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WIP Week Continues: Diaper Bag for A Dear Friend!

Here's another work in progress that I'm really pleased with at this early stage.

My excellent friend Magenta has just had her first child and I've been wanting to make her a diaper bag. You would think that with a nearly 9 month window, I would have gotten a leg up on this gift, but I really did suffer from a case of fabric block which left me in project paralysis.  Then I found this beautiful fabric at Mood.

Butterick Diaper Bag in gold and brown tree fabric

So, I'm making Butterick B5005, which I made a few years ago for my sister and then my sister-in-law. Both of their babies are 3 1/2yo now and my sewing has come a long way since. In the intervening time, I've also become a big fan of hardware. I think that it gives a bag a much more RTW look.

For this bag, I bought webbing for the handles instead of making fabric ones, gold feet for the bottom of the bag, and a magnetic snap instead of using velcro for the pocket closure. Really, velcro never looks good or holds up well. Never! I don't know why pattern companies use it instead of any of the other hardware closures that would give a much more professional look.

I also bought 2 different top stitching thread options. I have to decide if I want to use the gold or the brown. The last notion that I need is a zipper.

I decided to line the bag in green twill, which I ordered but has not yet arrived. However, the rest of the bag pieces are cut. Given the vast number of pockets that needed to be pattern matched, cutting was no small feat.

Anyway, this was the second project I worked on over the weekend. And, um, since I am seeing Magenta in a little over a week, I really need to get going on this as soon as the lining arrives! Wish me luck on this one!


Clio said...

Wow - that fabric is totally gorgeous. With green lining it's going to be perfect.

Clio said...

Oooh, pretty! Handmade diaper bags are such a lovely gift-- it's nice to be able to tote something practical around that reflects your personality instead of some sort of cheesy diaper bag.

Clio said...

Exactly! Leave Winnie the Pooh for the baby's room, not for the mom.