Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sock Reveal and More on UFO's: Second Sock Syndrome

Here are my latest - and greatest - socks!  Ta da!

They're my best socks yet. I'm wearing them as I type this. They're cosy (wool), fit really well, and I love how they look. The pattern, from Socks a la Carte, is called Wicker. The heel, which is the tricky part with socks, actually had a mistake in the pattern. At first I though I was doing something wrong, but after two unsuccessful tries, I realized it wasn't me. Luckily, I was able to find a correction posted on line

Now, a few people commented in my post about UFO's that they had knitting UFO's. I don't, but my motivation definitely waned on the second sock. Honestly, these socks took a LONG time - 2 months!  I was definitely in danger of succumbing to Second Sock Syndrome (SSS): a knitter's inability to finish the second sock of a pair after the first sock has been completed.

This malady is pretty unique to knitters since there aren't many projects in sewing that require making two of the same thing in order to have one complete set. But perhaps I should have known this might be a problem for me given how rarely I repeat sewing patterns. For me, figuring out all the ins-and-outs of a new pattern is half the fun. Look how long it took me to sew up the third boxers I'd cut for Phin. And I don't have any patterns I'd consider to be TNT's.

Sewists, do you TNT or repeat patterns multiple times? Or are you on to the next thing as soon as you're finished with a project? For me, discovery and problem solving are part of what keeps me interested in a project. What about you?


Karin said...

I'm a beginner knitter. I've never tried socks because they just seem to tricky. Though I'd like to learn because thick, hand knitted socks make the best wellie liners.
I tend not to repeat patterns because I am always so excited about the new patterns out there. Silly I know, but sewing is more a hobby than a practical necessity for me.

Tanit-Isis said...

I'm big on repeating patterns, at least the basic ones---I like the idea of modifying a base pattern to get different looks, and I find the whole muslining/fitting process fairly exhausting.

That being said, I have a horror of knit projects mostly because my mom always had *something* she was knitting, through my whole childhood, and I think finished about three things. Ever. So in my brain, Knitting Can Not Be Finished. I think I would be a prime candidate for SSS. :)

Sara said...

When I was a teenager I never wore matching socks. If I knit socks (I knit, but no socks yet) I would just knit one of each and wear them with each other. I have heard of one other knitter doing that.

Reethi said...

My sewing variation on the second sock syndrome? Making lining. Or cutting lining. Or anything to do with lining. To try to avoid the UFOs, I've started following Ann's tip (from Gorgeous Fabrics) - make the lining first.

T. Sedai said...

Cute socks!

As for TNTs - I have a skating pattern I have used about 20 bajillion times. Of course, I change the top and back and skirt a lot, but I pretty much have one pattern I use all the time. The is my one real TNT.

There are other patterns I have used multiple times, mostly because I needed an article of clothing quickly, and didn't have time to test out new patterns. Like you, I enjoy trying new things and experimenting with fit and alterations. I think Eventually I want to have some TNTs for things like trousers, jeans, a button down shirt, maybe a pencil skirt... But I would still probably do new patterns for coats, jackets, dresses, knit tops and other skirts. I enjoy trying new things (even if sometimes they fail) and so I can't imagine I will ever get to a point where I sew mostly from TNTs.

Sherry said...

Congratulations on finishing your socks - especially the second one! Now that we have plunged into winter, they are looking very cosy!

I have to admit I rarely repeat a pattern, I like trying new things and that is half the fun. Although I do have plans for a dress that is a replica of one I made about 15 years ago - I'm wishing now I didn't throw the pattern out! (I should clarify it was a self-made pattern, I'm allowed to throw them out :)

Tia Dia said...

Love the colours in the wool! They look super comfy. I have a good friend who knits a lot of socks and sock yarn is one of those things that makes me hyperventilate because the colours are so WONDERFUL! As for TNT's, well.... I've always been one to go onto the next thing, but as I age and fitting gets to be a bit more onerous, I'm starting to think that maybe I should just stick to TNT's.

Michele | Sequined Aspahult Studio said...

Beautiful!! And there's totally a way to make 2 socks at the same time on circulars. I like that idea because when I learn a new technique it's cool to reinforce it immediately :-) and I need all the reinforcing I can get!

Clio said...

Thanks all! Yeah, there is a value to TNT's, isn't there? Even if it is sometimes not so exciting.

Tanit-Isis - You turn TNT's into high art.

Karin - Socks aren't as hard as you think! And they are very cosy!

Sara - Don't think I haven't considered that! LOL

Michele - Yeah, I know. The only problem IMHO is that when you knit two at a time and make a mistake, you make it twice. (Tink tink tink)

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Gorgeous socks!

I am heading more into TNT territory the past few years. Partly it's because I've made so.many.patterns in my life (hundreds, seriously) that eventually I ran across a few I liked enough to keep doing. Also, as I learn more about drafting I realize how small some variations are and they are easier to do on an already-fitted pattern than a new one.

But I still love new projects! My ratio is probably 3 new patterns for every TNT project.

LinB said...

I knit two socks at a time. NOT like the old "trick" way, one sock inside the other on the same set of needles -- tried it once and achieved one giant sock and one tiny sock. I have two sets of double-point needles, and cast on both socks at the same time. I knit for a few inches on one sock, put it down and knit the other sock to match. I do one heel immediately followed by the second heel (ditto for gusset, foot and toe). Takes no longer than knitting one right after the other, but THEY FINISH AT THE SAME TIME AND THEY EXACTLY MATCH EACH OTHER. Not that I have a strong opinion about the matter, lol.

Clio said...

@ LinB - LOL. No, no strong opinion at all!