Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Friday: Peek-a-Boob Survey Round Up

Thanks to everyone who commented about the controversial Peek-a-boob dress.

DC Comics superheroine Power Girl

We seem to be pretty evenly divided about this style, although the nays seem far more passionate in their hatred than the yeas are in their love. Several of you straddled the fence by saying that it really depends on execution or context.

For the most part, yeas and nays generally fell along FBA/SBA lines, with the bustier ladies warning about skankage and the IBTC set being more open to the look. I guess the amount of fashion risk with this style has a direct relationship with the size of the bust. I've always contended that the smaller the bust, the more daring one could be with the neckline.

As for me, I'm going to leave this style to the Klingon ladies and the more gamine among us. I think my dislike stems from the fact that, while it shows some cleavage (a plus in my book), it hides the collar bones (a big minus). I'm bizarrely fond of my prominent collar bones.

But thanks to commenters, I've added a few new phrases to my personal lexicon that I'd like to share:
Skank scale - The relative tackiness or trashiness of a style or garment. ie: As she looked in the fitting room mirror, Clio couldn't shake the feeling that Daisy Dukes that are so short that the pocket bags hang lower than the hem rank pretty high on the skank scale. (Thanks, Shawntasews!)

Small cheated - A Freudian slip commonly made by one trying to say "small chested". ie: I guess I'm just too small cheated to fill out this bustier. Oops, I mean, "chested". (Thanks, Karin and Peter)
Boobiliciousness - the state of having a delicious looking bust. ie: Phin could not help but admire his darling wife Clio's boobiliciousness in the lingerie he bought for her... for no reason whatsoever... just out of the blue... as a surprise... hint, hint... Phin?... are you reading this?... (Thanks, Sheila.)  

This weekend I plan to finish the lining of my leather jacket and (tremble, tremble) cut into my leather. Most likely there will also be a good deal of fretting about what to wear to PR Weekend. Have a great weekend, everyone! And a wonderful Mother's Day to all you moms!


Anonymous said...

LOL at the lil image this post makes on the post preview thingy!!!!

Clio said...

ROFL - Oh no! I didn't even think about that! HA!

Tanit-Isis said...

LMAO! I am totally stealing the Skank Scale.

You are absolutely right about the necklines and breast-size. When I was breastfeeding (and busty for the first and only time in my life) I noticed with considerable dismay that a lot of the tops which had previously been little and cute, were suddenly little and skanky. And it took a lot to out-skank me at that age...

I will fight to the death for my Daisy Dukes, though. If I have my way I'll be wearing them in my 70s. :)

Sheila said...

Immediately saw the pic and thought your topic was about butt

T. Sedai said...

Haha the new vocab is too funny. Actually the Power Girl picture is pretty funny too. My former boyfriend always wanted me to dress up as Power Girl... I never did... now I know why...