Saturday, March 31, 2012

The 5 Day Forecast: Sunny and Warm

Well, it's after 3pm and I'm still in pj's. No sewing or baking or anything in the least bit productive has happened today. Work in Montreal was more intense than expected which meant that no fabric shopping happened. And I have not had a chance to photograph the latest chapter in my leather jacket saga. So, I can't really update you on that either. But that's ok. C'est la vie.  Sometimes you just need a day to loaf around the house, unshowered and aimless.

There's a lot going on and my mental forecast is all blue skies. Phin and I may spend some time in a warmer climate later this year (more on this if it happens), and with all the warm weather we've been having lately I can't stop thinking about the summer sewing I'd like to do. So, while away from the Craft Lounge, I did what all obsessed sewists do; I dreamed of (and shopped for) a fantasy summer wardrobe project.  

This was spurred on by a BMV members pattern sale (naturally).
V8800 shirt for Phin, V8725 sundress,  M6569 bathing suit and B5749 knit dress for me

DKNY knit pieces - V1280, V1235 and V1282
It's funny that all the DKNY pieces are grey, which is not a color I wear often. In my head these are all in summery blues and turquoise. All of these would be great travel pieces.

Once I splurged on these patterns I began thinking about what I had in my stash. And here's the funny thing:  what my stash says about me is that I love summer sewing. Apparently, I long for white trousers:

L to R: White bottom weight linen (AK Fabrics), cotton (Calvin Klein from FabricMart) and cotton/poly blend (MetroTextiles).

And I wish I had more time to make fun patterned pants, like the BurdaStyle 6/2011-114 flowered border print pants that I made last year.

L to R: Flower print cotton, border print cotton and seersucker (all MetroTextiles)

I long to make loose sheer drapey tops from chiffon and charmuese...

L to R: blue and turquoise chiffons (Elliott Berman), striped charmeuse (Michael Levine) and orange polished cotton (Anne Klein from FabricMart)

...from patterns like BurdaStyle 4/2012- 111.

I would have all kinds of sheaths and sundresses, mostly in shades of orange.

L to R: tangerine pinstriped denim, Anne Klein lightweight damask, stretch cotton poly floral and Calvin Klein cotton sateen stripes (all from FabricMart)

And I top it all with some cute knit wraps or shrugs...

L to R: teal, turquoise and black rayon jersey knits (MetroTextiles)

 Like BurdaStyle 3/2012-121.

I could go on about all the summer clothing I would sew.  But what about you? What does your fantasy sewing look like vs what you have in your stash? Does your stash have as strong a point of view as mine? Do tell!

OK, for me it's now back to reality.  I swear to you that I have some good sewing posts - where I've actually sewn something - coming up. In fact, here is a sneak peek at a warm weather project I did when I needed a little break from my leather jacket muslin. 

It was rather cold that day and when we finished photographing I wrapped up in my beach blanket. he he he So at the moment you'll just have to guess at what's underneath all that terrycloth. So, please keep checking back. It's blue skies and happy sewing ahead. 


Faye Lewis said...

Still in your PJ's at 3pm - a girl after my own heart. Rest up - looking forward to seeing your new creations.

Faye Lewis said...

So sorry you won't be able to join in on the top challenge. I'll miss you, but know you need rest so you can start in on the wonderful projects you have planned. See you next time my friend!

Sheila said...

You have a beautiful haul of fabric and loving your summer project list. Drooling over the burda tops.. and can visualize them in sheer fabric.

I am guessing you are wearing something you made with the stripped orange knit.

My fantasy sewing involves a lot of skirts & tops with dresses mixed in. I have a few fabrics yelling summer in turquoise, coral & charteuse.

T. Sedai said...

Lazing about in PJs is the best way to recover after long travels.

Also, such pretty fabric! I always enjoy seeing what other people stash or buy... often things I wouldn't notice in a store, but look great when people show off their plans with the fabric and the patterns. I really love your black/white boarder print cotton and your striped sateen.

Like you, my stash is pretty consistent - I have a large amount of skating fabric (spandex, sequins, velvets, etc.) in blacks, blues, purples, greens, and reds. I have a large collection of wool coatings (despite living in the land of no winter) and linings for them. I also have a lot of solid knits (in blues/greens/purples) for tops, and a growing collection of bottom weights for pants. And then there is what I think of as my "fantasy" collection - a stash of silks, chiffons, and fancy fabrics for evening gowns and party dresses. I have little need to use such things now, but they are so pretty I wasn't able to pass them up. What I don't have a lot of is cotton or linen that I can use for summer dresses and lightweight clothes.

Clio said...

@ Sheila - I will neither confirm or deny what's under the towel just yet. ;-)

@ T Sedai - I feel the same way about other people's stashes. This isn't everything in my stash at all, but it's more than half and it all says summer, I think.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Although i wear almost exclusively dresses for some reason I am fantasizing about cute Spring/Summer tops. Your fabrics are all gorgeous--hope you get some sewing time soon!

Clio said...

@ Slapdash - Sigh. Me too!