Friday, March 9, 2012

TGIF: Weekend Sewing Plans!

Some weeks go very smoothly with my sewing and knitting and baking and such. Others don't. An intensely busy week at work basically left me with little time and less energy for my extracurricular pursuits. Today was the only day that I even got to take a walk in the Garment District.

However, I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off, and so I have big plans for this long weekend!  Here's the short list:

First: Working on my leather jacket muslin. I'm optimistic that muslin 1.0 will be in good shape soon and I can move on to muslin 2.0, which will be in a yicky faux leather only rivaled in hideousness by the awful camo and rose denim of it's predecessor. 

In person, the distressed areas are fake-tan orange.

Second: Some educational reading. Don't let the zebra print on the cover fool you; this book's styles are tragically out of date. But a first glance makes me think the techniques and technical info is sound.

Where did people buy OOP books before
Last: Assembling supplies. I've actually already started this and have leather glue, leather needles, zippers and other notions at the ready for testing. I'm thinking this might be the right time to buy a rotary cutter and mat.

Do you have big weekend sewing or other crafty plans? What are you working on? 

Happy Friday, everyone!


T. Sedai said...

I know what you mean about busy weeks... When I have a busy week that means minimal cutting out of projects, which means minimal sewing on the weekends... Right now I am working on some muslins for my skating costumes for competition (I am trying some new patterns with sleeve variations, but not having much luck with getting the fit to work out), and I am making another practice dress for skating. Which probably won't take too long, so I am most likely going to be doing a lot of reading instead.

I am super excited by your leather jacket project though - I really loved the look of the first version, can't wait to see muslin 2.0! Your fake leather doesn't look too bad in the photo, but the tan-orange color doesn't sound too appealing. I am sure the finished version will be gorgeous and totally worth all of the effort though!

Sheila said...

I panicked for a nanosecond when I saw the pic of the faux leather, because it looks like the faux leather I cut for a skirt. However, the description calmed me, the faux leather I cut is a distressed brown.

I forgot about, I used to buy my daughter's college texts from there.

Looking forward to your jacket and admire your patience for muslin before diving head first, a lesson I need to follow.

Clio said...

@ Sheila - Seriously, you would not be caught dead wearing this, so I am 100% positive that it's a different faux leather!

@T - You're skating outfits are tres impressive! Can't wait to see more of 'em!