Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Project: Muslin 2.0 and a Giveaway

So, thanks to a 4 day weekend, I've finished my jumpsuit (haven't photographed yet) and worked my way thru 2 muslins for Vogue 1162 - the project dress. 

Muslin 2.0
The weekend was not without mishaps. Muslin 1.0 was a hot mess. I had initially cut the muslin in a size 14 on top, graded out to an 18 on the bottom. Once basted, it was gigantic...everywhere. The top was so large that I didn't even know where and how to start fitting it. After several moments of utter panic, I came up with a new plan: cut a size 12, but with larger seam allowances on the vertical seams so that I could let out the hip and thigh. I'm sure there's a lesson somewhere in here about starting with the right size and thinking in terms of letting things out/doing an FBA rather than cutting a garment too large and then struggling with taking it in, which I seem to do again and again. Lesson learned, I hope. 

So, the only flaw in this "cutting a smaller size" strategy was that size 12 is in one envelope (sizes 6-12) and 14 is in another (sizes 14-18). So, I had to call some local fabric stores to see if anyone had V1162 in stock in the smaller size. Lucky for me, Fabricland did. However, this meant paying full price ($30) rather than ordering it for $3.99 on sale at Vogue right now. Oh well. I'm on a deadline.

So, I think for a first shot in the 12, which I did ease out at the hips, muslin 2.0 is looking very not bad. It needs to be let out a scooch at the bust, and the bum (not pictured). But other than that, I think it just needs some minor finessing here and there. What do you think?

I cut the sleeves in muslin also. I plan to baste them in tonight just to make sure that they will work in a size 12. That way I can cut them in the garment fabric and take the hand sewing away with me. Speaking of which, cross your fingers that my flight on Friday and cruise on Saturday are not cancelled by Hurricane Irene. (Thank goodness I bought trip insurance!) At least I have a project to keep me busy if my trip is a bust.

Give Away

One of the things I did to prepare for this dress sewing marathon is buy Threads issue 135 (Feb/Mar 2008) which has an article by Susan Khalje on sewing the perfect Little Black Dress. It arrived on Friday. Um, twice. Somehow, I must have clicked two times or something, but it appears that I ordered two copies. So, my unexpected gain is your gain, too. Just let me know in a comment (by Wednesday - midnight EDT) if you'd like the magazine and I will do a drawing for it. It has some terrific articles in addition to the LBD one including articles on 5 essential hand stitches (I'm already practicing my pickstitch), Creating Couture Lingerie, Underlinings vs Interlining, Bias cut sleeves, and an interview with Charles Kleibacker. It's a really good issue.


Ruta said...

The muslin looks great!
And, please, count me in this giveaway! B.r.

ELMO said...

When I first starting buying patterns I had this same problem (as I was purchasing based on full bust instead of high bust). Lesson learned.

Also interested in giveaway.

Reethi said...

Muslin 2.0 is pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

Muslin is looking great!
Count me in the giveaway too :)
ghainskom at yahoo dot com

Kimbersew said...

Oooh pick me please!
and yes, that muslin looks perfect from here!

Debi said...

oh yes!!! Put my name in the hat! Muslin 2.0 is very va va voom...I am lOVING it!

gill said...

Wow I love muslin #2
Please may I join in your giveaway from the UK??

Lindsay T said...

I am just getting over my bad habit of cutting too big. It's a hard one to break. (already have this issue--it's a good one)

Faye Lewis said...

Great muslin. Were are you planning on wearing that one. Looks so special occasion.

AllisonC said...

The muslin looks fantastic, it took me a while to figure out my Vogue size but since then I have found them to be pretty consistent. I have this issue too so please don't include me in the giveaway.

Rose said...

What a pretty muslin! I would like to be included in the drawing--thank you for the opportunity!

Rose in SV

Sophie said...

I'm interested! sophiemiri [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Summer Flies said...

At fashion design college rule number one is always use pattern that fits the bust area as that is the more complex to adjust. Having said that why do I have so many ill fitted garments??
Threads would help - please put me in your giveaway... sofiem[at]internode[dot]on[dot]net.

Clio said...

Thanks, everyone!

Yes! Friends in the UK, Canada and elsewhere, you are more than welcome to be in the giveaway. I'll ship anywhere that mail goes.

@Faye - The dress is to wear to a dear friend's wedding. I'm very excited about it.

Clio said...

@ Summer Flies - Oddly, that's what I've been doing and it never works for me either. I think that method assumes a B cup. So, because I'm a bit busty, the 14 ends up fitting across the bust but too big in the shoulders, neck, waist and across the back. So, I think the 12 with an FBA is probably the better fit. Maybe that is true for you too?

Eugenia said...

Your muslin is looking excellent - I am feeling very excited about your dress!!! I know how you feel about muslins - there is a tendency to want to cut a larger size but it is often easier to cut a smaller size with larger seam allowances and let out where needed. (I have the issue of Threads so don't include me in the give-away but whoever does get it is going to be very pleased with it - it's a great issue).

The Slapdash Sewist said...

The muslin really looks phenomenal. You're going to have to be careful not to outshine the bride! My hand stitching is pathetic (I always resort to a whip stitch), I would love to be in the drawing for the issue!

Summer Flies said...

Clio thanks ... yes this is really the case but I am too time poor (read lazy)! I tend to make unfitted things but when I finish my semester I am itching to make some (is it Simplicity) patterns I have that have all bust sizes. As I have done some drafting I could use these bodices (if it works)to base future garments! Lets see!

Thanks for nice comments on my blog!