Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Doh!!! Self-fulfilling Prophesy

Friday's post about the jumpsuit turned into a self-fulfilling prophesy. Things are back on track now, but had you been standing outside the Craft Lounge door on Saturday, here's what you would have heard: 

So, instead of telling you about the dart sewn on the wrong side of the fabric, the leaking iron that left a watermark on the bodice, and the 2 broken needles in under 3 minutes, I'm going to talk about my fabric stash... a happy place full of hopes and dreams where nothing has gone wrong. At least not yet.

I think that having easy access to the Garment District prevents me from having too large a stash. Why buy basics? Most of what's in my stash is either fabric I bought for a specific project, but haven't quite gotten to sewing yet, OR fabrics that I just loved because they are a bit more unique - things that I don't see every day even in the Garment District. Anyway, within those parameters, I generally allow myself to buy at will.

It's been a while since I treated myself to any new fabric that wasn't specifically for what I was sewing. So, I decided to take advantage of that 75% off sale at FabricMart and simultaneously use my $30 Mood Groupon - a virtually guilt-free fabric splurge!

Here's my haul. From Mood...

Mini-haul from Mood
What's really cool about the black and white striped fabric is that it's actually a normal, neatly striped jersey. All those irregular waves and variations in the stripes are made by gathers that are stitching in place. I've really liked all the one seam skirts and tube dresses that I've seen on other blogs this summer, and I think I'll make a knee length version for the fall to be worn with tights and boots.

The red orange fabric is also really neat. When you look closely at it there are two different color threads - a bright watermelon and soft tangerine, but it reads as a solid. I think it may become  this dress from the cover of Burda last September:

And then from Fabric Mart...

Cotton sateen rose print and Orange shimmer jacquard

I think the rose print will become a skirt or sheath dress - the flower is at least 18 inches tall. The orange fabric on the right is a Maggie London stretch jacquard that didn't photograph very well - it has polka dots and the background has some shimmer. Not sure what I'll do with it yet.

Light blue shetland wool and black wool & camel hair blend

And finally, I bought both of these with this Karl Lagerfeld skirt pattern that was on the cover of the October 2010 Burda in mind:

So, this is also a bit of a mini-preview of some of my fall to winter sewing projects. Are you starting to feel back-to-school-ish or is it just me?


Eugenia said...

I'm sorry that your jumpsuit hit a few snags - but I'm sure it will be worth it all in the end!! I love your new fabric purchases and your sewing plans.

Sheila said...

Great haul of fabric.