Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sewing Gifts

Greetings from the Caribbean! Here's a tidbit while I am away.

I recently received two incredibly thoughtful sewing gifts - from two incredibly thoughtful muses - that I've been meaning to post about. Both were unexpected, but tremendously appreciated.

First, as thanks for the epic Christening ensemble project for my new nephew, Little C, I received this tracing wheel from his mother/my sister, Poly:

Poly had two tracing wheels that had belonged to our grandmother in her stash. This one is an old Dritz model with a beautiful caramel color Bakelite handle, which probably means it was made in the 1930's. It is much sturdier than any tracing wheels I've seen recently, and I've already put it to work, transferring dart markings from pattern to fabric.

The second gift - two buttons - is a souvenir that was brought to me by Dr Kiang from her recent honeymoon in Iceland for the solstice.

These two buttons, which measure about 1.25" or so across, are made from naturally shed and collected Icelandic reindeer antlers. Yup, that's right: Rudolf did not have to die for these buttons. Clearly, I am going to have to use them on a very cool project where they will stand out. Naturally, cold weather garments come to mind, like a caplet or jacket.

Anyway, thank you again Dr K and Polyhymnia! I love my gifts!

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