Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pants Update

As promised, here is a quick update on my pants, along with a completely inadequate picture. (My photo mojo is already on vacation.)

So, the pants are basically together, and I've fine-tuned the fit. The outseams, which I just basted for fitting purposes, need to be stitched and then finished. I also need to finish the inseams, but, to be honest, I'm not sure what kind of seam finishing I should use. The fabric is pretty thick, so I don't really want to add much bulk to the seams. However, the fabric is also pretty ravel-y, so I definitely want a seam finish that won't leave the insides of the pants looking like a frayed mess.

Also, I need to finish the waistband and then do some hemming. Speaking of the waistband, I have to say, if you are not using really good interfacing, you need to start. I used to buy interfacing from my local shop or in the Garment District in NY. But, thanks to a sale and really good on-line word of mouth, I was encouraged to buy interfacing for my stash (woven, tricot and sheer) from Sew Exciting. Simply put: their interfacing is the best. I'm not sure I even knew what good interfacing was before now, but I will never use anything else ever again. I often feel like fusible interfacing leaves fabric somewhat crunchy, if you know what I mean. But the Sew Exciting pro-woven added the right amount of body, without being cardboard-ish. It's flexible. And it fused smoothly and easily. OK, enough with the public service announcement/infomercial.

I plan to finish up the pants this weekend. And then I will get my sarong pants going. Happy sewing!


Nancy K said...

LOL. There is a major difference between good interfacing and cheap. Worth the price. I buy it in 5 yd pieces because the good stuff is not available locally. If you don't have a serger, than use a regular or 3 step zig zag on the edges after trimming.

gwensews said...

I totally agree about the interfacing. How about HongKong finished seams? Using lining fabric wouldn't add bulk.

Clio said...

Both good suggestions for the seams - I hadn't thought to use lining fabric.

No, I don't have a serger... yet. I may have to make it my birthday gift to myself this year.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I have been planning to give myself a Brother 1034D serger for my birthday this month. My current serger has a chronic tension problem I haven't been able to adjust for. I bought it because it was cheap (used) just to make sure I really wanted a serger. I do. Once you have one, you will wonder how you lived without it.

The pants look good!