Friday, February 5, 2010

As Promised...

Ta Da! My HP 24/7 Pencil Skirt is finished!
I know I am feeling better when I am up to being photographed. Here is the re-reveal of my pencil skirt:

This is not the top I will wear it with - just
happened to be what I was lounging in last night.

See how the unsightly crease under the tummy is basically gone? I will happily wear this skirt now.

Is it me, or is it rather slimming from this angle?

So, I guess my final verdict on this project is that, with a few changes based on my own body's quirks, this is a good pattern that I should hang on to. After all of my frustration with the Three Graces top, I am relieved that this went well. HotPatterns, you have redeemed yourself!

Calm, Cool and Cowl Conundrum
In other news, here is the story on my 3 C's top. After I sewed the top portion (on knit jersey) and the bottom portion (on rib knit), I basted them together to see how they looked. NOT GOOD! The rib is simply too thick and bunchy, and the color is off - a different shade of black. I thought it would be ok because of the texture of the ribs. What can I say? I was wrong. So, I ordered a different lightweight baby rib from and will see if it's any better once it arrives. 'til then it is on hold.

For the first time in a while, I have nothing cut and waiting to be sewn. So, I have some work cut out for me. Oh and at Phin's suggestions I will also be making my next mac+cheese for the Super Bowl on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

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