Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pants: Sewing and Un-Sewing

The problem with my pants is that I keep changing. I've been working on them so slowly that each time I think I am done, I try them on and they are too big again.

Zipper and waistband, pre-ripping-out

Yesterday I made what I hope are the final edits. Then, I added the zipper and attached the waistband - they looked really good. I know this sounds strange, but they looked like pants. Like the kind you would buy in a store. Well, just without a hem. You know, not home made.

But after putting them on to measure the hem, I decided that the waist was just too high, so I ripped the waistband out again to lower it by half an inch or so. Oh, I also decided in the end not to line the pants. From the start I wasn't happy with the fabric I was using, and it was causing no end of headaches.

I have mixed feelings about these pants. Half of me thinks they are going to be great. The other half thinks they will never be done. However, ALL of me thinks they are a really good learning experience. My sense of how to fit clothing has truly evolved. And my confidence is high after seeing how the pants looked with the waist and zipper.

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30 before 30 said...

Despite my best effort, I'm staying the same. Make me pants! j/k