Thursday, January 8, 2009

Caramel Conundrum!

Disappointed. Incredibly so. I was so pleased with how each item in our Santa's Kitchen goodie boxes came out, that the let down of the following is immense.

Last night, I ate one of the caramels that we had made and then lovingly wrapped in colored foils. When we made them, they were unbelievably good. But when I tried one last night... uuugh!... it had crystallized. It tasted good, but it was no longer smooth and caramel-like. The texture was more like maple sugar candies - very grainy.

On top of being disappointed and confused about why/how this happened, I am rather embarrassed. We gave away almost all of the caramels. And so, all our nearest and dearest now have bad caramels made by us in their possession. Double uugh!!

Anyway, I am going to try to figure out why this happened - was it how we made the caramels, or how we stored them? In the interim, any feedback from my uninteded caramel victims would be appreciated.


MS said...

I am soooooo glad that I waited to eat them. I do not like gooey caramels and I absolutely LOVE maple candy. So I thought that was the intention and thought that the graininess mixed with the salt was phenomenal. I ate them all in one sitting and did not even offer one to Doug (I can only hope he does not read this).

Clio said...

Yeah, the flavor was still really good. I am just bummed with the texture. Originally they were smooth and creamy, rather than sticky... probably how a caramel was before Kraft cornered the market. Glad you enjoyed.

N'il said...

I thought that was how they were intended too, and I thought they were very tasty. I was confused that they did not match your description, but was still very satisfied with the result.