Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Dinner

The problem with blogging about food and cooking is that I remember to take photos of the work in progress, but not the final product before it is devoured. For example, my dad asked me and Phineas to recreate one of our favorite dishes from our Italy trip - pappardelle al porcini - for Easter. Phineas made the pasta and I made the sauce.

Here is the pasta dough in various stages:

Phineas making the pasta dough.

Rolling it out and cutting it into ribbons.

And then here are the remains.

After the hoard has gorged.

See, there is no picture of the beautiful bowl of pasta, all sauced and garnished and steaming hot. I just can't seem to remember to photograph my finished works before devouring. I 'lose" more blog entries this way...

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