Monday, March 10, 2008

Bunny Business

Yesterday was Bunny Business day for Mom and the Muses: our annual pilgrimage to Itgen's, a family owned diner and soda shop in Valley Stream. When I was a kid, mom and Nana would return home from a long afternoon of Bunny Business, collapse onto the couch and be dozing withing half an hour. I always imagined that Bunny Business must be such hard work.

Itgen's is the kind of place that grinds their own beef, makes their own homemade ice cream, and you can still get a really good chocolate egg cream. Oh, and they make all their own hand molded chocolates at the holidays, including this clutch of peanut butter and caramel filled chocolate bunnies.

After indulging in all of the above, I came home and collapsed into a chair and immediately started nodding off. Bunny Business is such hard work.

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