Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Fever Strikes the Craft Lounge: Sewing Plans

Happy Spring! I've got Spring sewing on my mind, regardless of  my growing backlog of unblogged/unphotographed, but finished projects (5 sewn and 1 knit, peeps!) There are a bunch of different projects calling to me, but here's what is calling the loudest...

It's time I sewed some jeans. And, luckily for me, Phin gave me the print version of Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans for Christmas.

I also have the Jalie Eleonore Pull-On Jeans pattern. I have to confess I am curious to know if they will work out for me, given my waist-hip ratio. Pull on can be tricky when you are hippy with a smaller waist. But they seem to work for a lot of different women. So, I may give them a shot.

Watson Bra
I've pretty much been wanting to sew this since it came out. And with all of my sleep bras starting to show the miles I've put on them in the last 15 months, it may be time to take this more seriously.

If I'm not wearing my silk shirt dress, I'm generally wearing one of my two wrap dress. So, I think the writing is on the wall that I need more of these styles in my wardrobe. Here are some of the candidates:

Clockwise from top left: V8379 wrap dress, M6684 wrap dress, V8903 short dress and V1500 Anne Klein Shirtdress

I'm a little worried about making them fabulous enough that I will actually want to sew them. As you know, I love sewing frosting and get very bored by cake. I'm hoping some fun fabric will keep me enthusiastic about these dresses. I'd like to have them in my wardrobe and I know I'll feel great wearing them.

Unselfish Sewing
And shockingly, I'm finding myself drawn to some very unselfish sewing projects at the moment.

Phin needs more shorts. And since I have a master pattern at the ready, it's not such a big deal to change up the details and whip up a few different pairs of shorts.

Phin's Shorts

Taco could also use some cute overalls, and once summer arrives he'll need rompers. He's a skinny little guy, so it is hard to get pants that simultaneously fit at the waist and are long enough. So we tend to dress him in overalls and jumpsuits. I also have a few toys in mind to sew for him.

I doubt that I will get to each of these projects since I already have a few summer projects in mind. But we'll see how much I accomplish. And if I ever get to photographing my finished projects, you'll get to see what I've been up to!

What are you sewing? 

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