Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Skyp to My Lou!

Look at these nice orange socks I knit for myself!

Skyp Socks

Because it seems like everyone is knitting the Simple Skyp Sock pattern, I decided that I should knit the complicated version. Turns out it wasn't really all that complicated.

The "skyp" stitch pattern makes a faux cable stitch. I think it looks much more intricate than the actual knitting suggests.  Since the rest of the stitches are knits and purls, the whole sock is basically a fancy ribbed knit. It's super stretchy and fits really well.

Skyp pattern and Eye of Partridge Heel

I didn't change anything about the skyp chart. However, after a few rows of knitting from the top down, I got annoyed and decided to frog what I'd done and start over from the toe-up. Basically, I used my preferred sock method (here) using the skyp chart for just the instep and calf pattern.

These are knit up in Regia 4-ply sock yarn (75% wool/24% polyamide). The yarn isn't as soft and cushy as others I've used, but I can see why it is so popular among serious sock knitters. It's a seriously sturdy yarn with a 10-year guarantee. I have a feeling these socks are going to outlast all my others. And they are machine washable and drier safe.

Those of you who knit, do you have a favorite cast off/bind off? On most of my socks I do Elizabeth Zimmerman's Sewn Bind Off. But I am thinking of trying Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off on my next socks. It is supposed to be even more elastic.

Speaking of my next socks, I've already cast on Here Be Dragons by Rachel Gent, also in Regia 4-ply. Because this is me - and I just can't resist tinkering - I've already frogged them and started again with a smaller needle and modifying the cast on and first several rows so that the toe isn't quite so pointy.

Here Be Dragons in Knitty

I find this really rather annoying about myself at times, but I just can't resist starting over when I feel like I could get better results in the end. When I've tried to power thru "good enough" knitting, I've ended up knitting for a few days, knowing that I am going to eventually give in to my compulsion and frog it.


Are you a constant tinkerer, like me? Or do you knit things how they are actually meant to be knit? 

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