Thursday, April 19, 2012

Midweek Mayhem!

I'm having a bonkers kind of work week, but just wanted to say thanks for all the comments on my muslin!  I think you are mostly right: I'm in jeopardy of tinkering the fit to death!

So, I've decided that I will take one final look at it this weekend. Hopefully, I'll have fresh eyes, since I haven't had a second all week for sewing. Then it will be on to buying the leather and kicking things into high gear! Also, I have a few lining choices to show you just as soon as I can take some pictures!

Stay tuned! I hope you are all having a good - and more sewy - week!


T. Sedai said...

I think it is a good idea to wait a week and then do one final check on the fitting - sometimes right after you sew something you are so fixated on a certain part you totally miss other problem areas, or find flaws where there aren't really any problems. A fresh assessment is always good, especially after analyzing photos and deciding which areas you need to look at.

Anyway, hope your crazy week winds down ok, and I look forward to seeing your leather and lining fabrics when you have them all!

Sheila said...

Hoping a great weekend made up for the bonkers week.