Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet as Honey Pedicure Socks Reveal!

This week I'm in Los Angeles for work. I arrived this afternoon. And I was walking around - I know, I know, no one walks in LA, it really is true, but there I was - and I passed a yarn shop not too far from my hotel.

Sorry about the glare!

And I realized that all this time I've been knitting socks and scarves, I could have been knitting lingerie for myself! LOL But since those patterns aren't on their website, I guess I'll just have to content myself with socks.

Here is my latest pair! Ta-da!

Sweet As Honey Pedi-socks on ugly as sin runners feet
I had originally started a sock pattern called "Spiral Galaxy", but it was kind of boring to knit and I didn't love how it looked, at least not in my orange yarn.

So, keeping the same cute ruffle cuff, I ripped the rest of the stitches out and did a pattern called "Buzz" instead. It's a cute honeycomb kind of pattern. Sweet, don't you think?  And I finished the sock off with a "pedicure toe". Basically this is just a ribbed knit cuff that allows your toes to peek out.

I did what is called a short row heel (not sure why). It came out ok, but not perfect. The stitches are a little loose and I'm not sure how to tighten them up for next time.

Anyway, I'm away from my sewing machine while traveling for work and trying to fill my spare time with more knitting. So, expect my next pair of socks - a pretty purple number - in the not-too-distant future.


T. Sedai said...

Cute! Hope you have fun on your travels - will you have any time to visit the LA Fashion District?

kbenco said...

You might like this designer
I have the lingerie knits book and there are some lovely patterns in it - including socks, but no pedicure versions.

poppykettle said...

They look so lovely and cosy! Gorgeous detailing too :)

Anonymous said...

I love the colour of these. And the cute ruffle.

Clio said...

Thanks! Really, these socks are cosy and fun.

@ T Sedai - Yes! It looks like I will fit in a trip to the left coast branch of Mood.

@ Kbenco - OMG! That book looks great. "Only in LA" is what I thought about the knit lingerie (it kinda cracks me up for some reason), but now, hmmm, it might actually be a fun idea to knit up something both sexy and snuggle-y! Although it might make Phin very confused about whether I want romance or cuddling. HA HA HA

Tia Dia said...

I love your pedi-socks, and the pattern & colour is so pretty that I really didn't notice the feet inside them!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

What a fun color! I like how the top is fancy but the bottom is plain for comfort.