Friday, February 17, 2012

Cute Purse from Left Over Scraps!

First, thank you everyone for the compliments on my color blocked dress! For some reason, I've always liked a green and purple color combo. So, it was fun to put them together in one dress.

So, today's news! When I finished up the diaper bag for my excellent friend, Dr Kiang, I was left with a whole bunch of scraps of ripstop that I really didn't want. And as I thought back to my sister Calliope's diaper bag carrying days, I remembered that she was always either trying to deal with carrying a diaper bag plus a purse OR digging through the depths of her diaper bag to try to find her wallet, keys, lipstick, etc.

So, I had a little brainstorm: why not make a cute matching clutch purse that can be clipped into the diaper bag or carried separately?

Enter Vogue 8527, which is now on clearance at the Vogue website. I picked version D and it sewed up pretty quickly and easily. The only change I madewas to add a tab with a D ring on it so that it could be clipped into the diaper bag.

There's not much to add other than I think it's a cute little bag that's large enough for the essentials.

This weekend I'm visiting with Dr K to deliver the bag and meet her new little guy for the first time. (Yay!  Auntie Clio gets some baby time!) Have a great weekend everyone!


Peter Lappin said...

I'd join the army if I could carry that camo clutch.

Karin said...

Nice idea, and well executed too!

T. Sedai said...

Super cute!

Sheila said...

A cute addition to the diaper bag, which you did a great job.

Christiana said...

Fabulous idea! When I travel for business, I've been struggling with a purse and my computer bag. Thanks for sharing the tip...I've moved that Vogue clutch pattern to the top of my list